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We've been there.

For years we used spreadsheets and standard accounting software to track our rentals. But as small-scale landlords, it was obvious they weren’t designed for us.

We developed alcalo specifically to handle bookkeeping for small and medium-scale landlords. It saves us time and money every month, and keeps our budgets on track.

Guess what? Our software is free to use, for landlords with less than 10 units.

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Check maintenance and deposit summaries with a single click. We’ll even collect the rent for you.

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No spreadsheets, no calculators, no typos. Use drop-down menus to identify transactions. Summary reports update automatically. Accuracy has never been so easy.

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Using cutting-edge technology we display your account transactions without storing account details. It’s as safe as online banking.

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Want us to handle rent collection? We can do that, too.

We offer rent collection for $0.99. Compare this with our competitors— we thought you’d be a fan.

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alcalo is designed for small-scale landlords. Its simple design is built to fit our needs.

Set up your account in less than five minutes. Organize your rental transactions with easy-to-use drop down menus.

With alcalo’s reports you can review your cashflow, track a particular property, and see your maintenance expenses with a single click. We’ll even collect the rent for you.

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68% of small and medium-scale landlords do their bookkeeping by hand.

We all make typos. But a typo in financial records can have serious consequences. With alcalo you’ll enter property details just once, and we’ll take it from there.

View summary reports with a click rather than punching endless numbers in a calculator. Export your tax records quickly and easily for your accountant.

We use the best in financial technology to save you time and money, accurately.

Our software establishes a new, safe connection to your bank account every time you login.

At alcalo we serve as a third party vendor and never store any bank account information. Your own financial institution verifies credentials each time you login and refresh your records, so it’s as safe as using online banking.

With this secure system we’re able to display your transactions and create financial reports for your use, while keeping your account information where it belongs: at the bank.

alcalo is free, under 10 units.

Otherwise alcalo costs $4.99/month. If you want to use our rent collection services, we charge an additional $0.99 per transaction.

When you sign up, you’ll automatically get access to a free account. When you add your 10th unit, we’ll ask you to make a monthly payment.

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